ICAO to EASA licence conversion

CPL(A) & ATPL(A) conversion

CPL(A) and ATPL(A) Conversion:

Theoretical Requirements

For holders of non EASA CPL(A), requirement is to do CPL(A) or ATPL(A) groundschool course and then pass all 14 CAA ground exams. This conversion groundschool course is fully distance learning with no need for coming to ATO facility.

For holders of non EASA ATPL(A), requirement is to pass all 14 CAA ground exams, no need to attend groundschool course.

Non-Type Rated Pilots

For holders of non EASA CPL(A) with no valid type rating, requirement is to do evaluation flights for CPL(A) and associated ratings (SEP,MEP,ME/IR). If needed additional training will be performed. After that, holder will be recommended for CPL(A) and associated ratings skill check.

Multi-Pilot Aircraft Type Rated Pilots

ATPL(A) pilot need to pass an ATPL skills test on the aircraft type rated on. This test must be conducted by an EASA TRE on a simulator (or aircraft) approved for the purpose by EASA.

Multi-pilot hours must be flown on an aircraft approved for multi-pilot operations by EASA, and the ATPL Skills test must also be conducted on a multi-pilot type and must have type on your ICAO ATP Licence.

CPL(A) pilot need to follow Non-Type Rated Pilots procedure.

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